Friday, October 21, 2011

Douglas A. McIntyre Is Uninformed And It Saddens Me

Douglas A. McIntyre is uninformed.

Scanning the web for the latest Volt sales numbers I came across his article from In his article he writes.

"GM misjudged the green car market with the Volt. Those drivers who wanted to drive “green” bought the Toyota (NYSE: TM) Prius hybrid in great numbers. Its electric engine is supplemented with gas power. That gives it a driving range the Volt does not have."

Doug Doug Doug, the Volt has a gasoline engine just like the Prius, the difference is the Volt will drive solely on electric until the battery is dead. It saddens me that someone who is apparently read can have such little understanding of the subjects of his writing.

Please remove or rewrite your article. It saddens and disturbs me.


John from The Chevy Volt Blog.