Sunday, February 27, 2011

Volt Site Gives Back!

Update:  This is the original posting in which I pledged 70 percent of ad revenue raised going back to charity and readers via prizes, 35 percent for each category. If you scroll down to the very bottom of the page you will see the total amount the site has raised.  

     In anticipation of the first 100 dollars coming to me from Google, maybe in a couple months, (100 is when they first send you proceeds) I have made a preemptive donation to the Red Cross for 35 dollars.  Below the article is a screen shot of the donation.  It's truly a blessing that in my spare time I can write about something I enjoy and you can read and comment about something you enjoy.  By doing this we are raising money for those truly in need.

     On this beautiful Sunday, The Chevy Volt Blog is taking a day of rest.  This may be a permanent Sunday ritual who knows.  Something I do know is that The Chevy Volt Blog will be, like I was taught in Sunday School, a giving soul.

     70 percent of the proceeds that this blog generates, which are all earned by our readers visiting Google ads, will be given to charity and visitors via prizes.  Now I don't anticipate this to be a lot of money.  So far the blog has had about 1400 hits and 12 ad click throughs generating a little less than 10 dollars.

    So please by all means feel free to visit some of the advertisements Google chooses to post on your particular computer, maybe you'll find something interesting.  I know this could seem as if I'm simply trying to increase revenue for the site, but I'm a man of my word and the 70 percent will be going to a charity such as the Red Cross and back to the fans of this site.  That's a promise from me to you.


For all of you fellow Volt Heads who just can't get enough Volt news, since I'm not writing a related post today here's a link to a blog article with a couple rather humorous videos attached.  Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks, John. Go ahead, take Sundays off. We can handle it. Thanks for giving back, that's good too.

    The Forbes piece was light hearted and interesting. It's intereseting to hear what "the man on the street" is thinking.

    Enjoy your day.

  2. Thanks Micheal, good to hear from ya, I've certainly enjoyed your contributions to GM-Volt over the years.

    Since I haven't posted this article on GM-Volt or any other blogs there have only been 57 page impressions so far today. However, there have been 3 click throughs for a daily total of $1.93 and a grand 10 day total of $11.88 cents. Supposedly Google sends a check when the account hits 100 dollars.

    The site has averaged about 1 click through a day so 3 is pretty darn good! Thanks to whomever has patronized the advertisers!

    I welcome all suggestions on a prize(s) idea to give out. I'd honestly like to send small gifts to multiple members, especially those of you who have visited in these early days. I thought maybe a coffee mug with "The (Unofficial) Chevy Volt Blog" logo on it might be kinda neat. That's just one idea but I'd almost certainly have to pull out of pocket to get a few of those made. It's a possibility though. I call you guys members since I feel we are all members in the brotherhood of the Volt.

    I'm thinking right now the Charity will be the Red Cross, they seem to have low administrative fees and it's pretty non-controversial.

    The other 30 percent that I'm not gonna give away is gonna go to my Volt fund. I should be getting my used one in about 30 to 50 years!

    I just made a new Email

    If you have any questions or suggestions that you'd like to ask me in private bring em on. I'd love to hear from ya.

    Have a great day.

  3. Keep up the good work John.

  4. "So far the blog has had about 1400 hits and 12 ad click throughs generating a little less than 10 dollars."

    WooHoo! In 3 years, you'll almost be able to buy a gallon of gas for that!!

  5. Yes sir, 4.58 in revenue today, an all time record! We made 1.61 for the Red Cross, 1.61 for future CVBlog prizes, and 1.37 towards my new used Volt!

  6. As of March 6th, 2011 The Chevy Volt Blog has raised $26.32. $9.21 will be going to the Red Cross (It actually already has) another 9.21 is designated for the CV Blog prize pool for you guys, and the other 30 percent $7.90, well, maybe I'll buy a Chipotle burrito!

    For an up to date tally on the sites earnings look down at the very bottom of any blog page. And again, any prize suggestions are welcome. Once I get my first 100.00 Google check we'll have to do something! I'm thinking Chevy Volt Blog Mouse Pads. Anyone use mouse pads anymore?