Friday, February 18, 2011

The Future Just Keeps on Coming

Well it looks like the 2011 model of the Chevy Volt will have yet another option for techies like myself to play with. It's called Mylink.  With the Android and Blackberry operating systems MyLink will connect hands free through bluetooth enabling you to control apps, make calls, and just maybe (but probably not), play against Watson on Jeopardy. All by using your voice or by touch on the Volts 7 inch center console touchscreen.

Iphone users don't sweat.  The system will also be available however bluetooth is not yet supported, you will have to use your 24 pin usb cord which you use to sync at home to access the MyLink features.

So far the only apps that will be available are Pandora (a fantastic internet radio site) and Stitcher (from what I gather is basically a podcast site.) However, GM promises to be adding the ability for more sites very soon.  They've also said they will be adding a GM app store at some point in the near future.  The option will be available in the Volt and Equinox later this year and in the Cruze shortly thereafter.

Note for readers:  I'm really just doing this as a replacement temporarily, If GM Volt starts blogging again daily then I'll almost surely stop, so feel free to keep the party going here for now and lets hope can continue to be our source for Daily Volt news.


  1. I've been impressed with the Ford Sync.
    I'm glad GM has something too. I think anything that helps us be hands-free is a good thing.

  2. Many people think that the Ford Sync is superior to GM's OnStar. Not so. Ford is a very aggressive advertiser and stretches the truth to no end. Many think Sync can go on the Internet as a stand alone, when in fact, it can not. A Smartphone is needed with an expensive data plan. Of course in their ads, they'd never mentioned you need a phone with an expensive data plan.

    Now GM has the equivalent of Sync and tells you a phone is needed... plus OnStar which Ford can only dream of having.

  3. Interesting comment anonymous.. And by using your cellphone which already has a data plan there is no other data plan necessary. Thanks for that added bit of info.

  4. Hi John,

    I like your take on the situation : "If GM Volt starts blogging again daily then I'll almost surely stop"

    I think it's wise not to divide the community. We need this thing to grow and the Volt to succeed. Disturbance in the force is never a good idea.

    In the meantime, I wish you good luck in keeping the spirit alive. I'll be reading.

  5. I have found voice command of any kind nothing but frustrating. I can throw my cellphone out the window, but would have trouble with the dash ;-) . When you add to this the involvement of notorious Microsoft, I have to say "no" to Ford.

    Speaking of Watson, maybe the state of voice command will change; but it will take more than an inexpensive chipset for the forseeable future.


  6. I agree jackson about voice command, so far.. It is getting much better though. Hopefully GM's will be of a higher quality than the other cars out there.

  7. John@TheChevyVoltBlogFebruary 18, 2011 at 9:24 AM

    Anyone else having problems loading GM or did they just block me? Just curious..

  8. No info on being blocked, but keep us informed.

    Off Topic:

    A new post is up for gm-volt blog.

  9. Yea, I wasn't blocked when I just went back, although I'm sure some want me blocked. I honestly am not trying to steal any thunder from the good doctors baby, GM volt. Even if I tried I know the chances are slim, but hey, putting a little pressure on VerticalScope to just put something about the Volt up there everyday is a good thing in my opinion. I'm just fanatical about the Volt!