Monday, April 4, 2011

America Can't Fail

I'm having problems posting on so I decided to post this in response to a comment made early in the day.

xiaowei1 Says

Apr 4th, 2011 (6:21 am)
nasaman: I heartily applaud the European organizers and participants of this brilliant and bold initiative! On the other hand, it breaks my heart that there is so much opposition to “green initiatives” of almost any kind in America! Even one of the leading proponents of clean air and renewable fuel at the federal level —the embattled Environmental Protection Agency— is at this moment threatened to be either shut down completely or so underfunded as to be rendered essentially ineffective.This photo made me laugh out loud at first; but then when I saw what it could mean to America —”LEAD, FOLLOW OR GET OUT OF THE WAY”— I felt almost like crying!!!
It would seem in this instance American democracy is designed to allow everyone (who can afford it) to complain so much, nothing gets done. I’m ready for the flaming!


Here's my thoughts on your comment X.  America is transparent and economically speaking perhaps more realistic than other nations.  We have to be, If we were to fail the world would be in sad shape.  Europe, Japan, and really even modern China (economically) are based on the capitalist system we made popular.  We can't fail, which is why the thought of cutting an organisation, the EPA is a possibility, it doesn't sustain itself financially.

If you look at the External Debt of the U.S. vs the debt of European countries or say Japans which is enormous we look pretty good.  Of course China has a budget surplus, but that'd be easy to do when you underpay your citizens and export like crazy.  I think that's important for people here to remember in our country, If things get bad enough we as the voters will demand real change, It doesn't take a genius to realize if we want to be wealthier as a country we need to make more buy less, work harder.

We apparently haven't gotten to that point yet.  And that's fine.

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